Manoa Falls Ride & Hike

Private tour on all direct bookings!

Experience Overview

The Manoa Falls Ride & Hike is an awesome eBike and hike experience to one of the coolest falls that happens to be pretty close to Waikiki.

We start in Waikiki and wind our way up to the Manoa Valley, riding through the beautiful town of Manoa and past the University of Hawaii.

The Manoa Falls hike is gorgeous with the lush, tropical greenery that you see in movies such as Jurassic Park, shows like lost and of course the tons of online pictures.

On our way back we can stop for poke at a favorite local spot, Off the Hook Fish market, or we can grab some shave ice at Wailoa Shave Ice.

Experience Details

E-Bike Ride

E-Bikes are an awesome way to experience Waikiki and the ride to Manoa Falls is simply gorgeous.  If you can ride a regular bike, you can ride an E-Bike; so join us for a fun ride and and hike up to the Manoa Valley Waterfall hike!

  • Guided Electric Bicycle tour by an experienced guide.
  • This ride does involve some city/urban riding.  First-time riders are not recommended.
  • Learn interesting local history and info about Hawaii and the Manoa Valley
  • Helmet & bottle of water provided for each rider
  • Free access to download pictures taken by guide (no hidden costs)
  • Stop for poke at “Off the Hook Poke Market” (one of our favorites) or Shave Ice at Waiola Shave Ice (a local favorite).

Manoa Falls Hike

Manoa Falls is a popular hike and about a 40 minute ride from Waikiki.  The Manoa is quiet awesome town with beautiful lush greenery. Scenes from the first Jurassic Park, episodes of Lost, NCIS Hawaii and most recently Aquaman 2 have been filmed on the the trail.

  • This hike is of easy difficulty; it is not steep but you have to watch your footing.
  • The hike can get muddy after rain, but is relatively dry in the summer months.  Wear shoes/clothing you don’t mind getting a little muddy just in case.
  • The hike takes about 1 hour round trip.  We provide optional walking sticks.
  • It can get hot and muggy (especially in the summer), so a hat, comfortable shoes, small towel and extra water are recommended. We provided bug spray if you are prone to getting bit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions we get about the Manoa Falls Ride & Hike:

The morning tends to have a higher chance of rain during the rainy season whereas with the afternoon ride, you have to deal with a bit more road traffic on the way back to Waikiki.

This hike is considered to be easy/moderate level. If you are relatively active, you should be ok. There are some slightly steep areas, but not as steep as Diamond Head.  Due to the nature of the valley, it can be somewhat humid.  There are rest stops along the way so we can go at our own pace.  If you have knee / hip issues make sure to watch your step on the return.  Walking sticks are provided for each hiker.

Activewear is recommended; shorts and a t-shirt is usually fine. A hat, small towel and sunscreen as the hike doesn’t have a lot of tree cover.  Hiking boots aren’t needed, comfortable sneakers (not sandals) are recommended. We provide 1 bottle of water, but an additional bottle is recommended (especially for the summer and afternoon hikes).  Bug spray is provided and expensive sneakers and clothing are not recommended as they may get muddy.


This ride is for ages 15 and up.  This ride is not recommended for those with balance problems or physical limitations that would prevent them from riding a bike.  Please contact us for options for younger riders.

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